The FairWay Awards recognise the efforts of green keepers up and down the country. The Awards are open to all golf courses in the UK irrespective of location, status, size, finances, reputation or popularity.

Winners of the FairWay Awards will feature on the FairWay Awards website, in the industry press and will get a chance to share some of the secrets of their success.

Courses that win a FairWay Award will be able to use the new award status in their own PR and Marketing activities to attract new members and grow their club.

The measurement of grass health and vitality is fully objective and scientifically measured. It relates only to what is managed and measured on the ground. To find out more click here.

There are several awards, each award celebrities an aspect of excellence in the achievements of green keepers in the UK.

1. EverGreen Awards recognise the golf course that consistently produce a sustained high vigour and vitality through the year.

2. EquiGreen Awards measures the extent of “variability” in grass during the year: extremes of high and low vigour and vitality..

3. Emerald Awards recognise the moments of sheer brilliance of the most perfect healthy grass.

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Growing grass is not like manufacturing widgets in a factory. Because there is such a diverse regional effect in the vitality of grass across the UK due to rain fall sunshine and temperature differences it is not possible to organise a national award.

The data below is based measuring the NDVI of the same sites each month through 2019. Whilst there was in each region a seasonal health fluctuation the resulting mean highlights consistent differences in the health level achieved across the UK.

If you are interested to sponsor an award based on an exciting new technology now available to the industry please contact Mike Heisig:

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