South East Region

AUGUST 2021 HEADLINE: Of all the regions in the UK the SouthEast experienced the biggest turnaround in the last 3 months, climbing to record levels of grass health/vitality in June and July 2021.

MAY 2021 HEADLINE: Sports turf vitality in the South East continues to struggle at levels well below those seen in previous years. This is in sharp contrast with the progress made in all other regions across the country.

APRIL 2021 HEADLINE: A lack of significant progress through March means that grass health in the South East area is slipping further behind the standard set last year.

How do you compare? How does your grass health stack up with the benchmark numbers for your region?

2021 Vitality Tracker

January to July 2021

Check this page out later for monthly updates.


Regional data is based on tracking the same areas of golf grass each week over 12 months. The graphs report the highest observation in any one month, maxima and minima are also highest observation i.e. a minimum is the lowest maximum score observed (not the absolute lowest score in the data set). This means that the minimum was in fact the ‘best’ score recorded by one course in that particular month.

The range therefore highlights how variable grass health can be at any point in the year in the region.

As this is still in a pilot phase the sample sizes are small but already highlight some fascinating differences in the health performance of grass across the UK.

Golf courses were chosen because of their location across the region and not because of any other factor.


How does your golf course result compare?

Graph shows the collective mean and individual maxima and minima observed.

Quarter 1 was the wettest February on record and Q2 was a dry spring. Covid-19 lock down effects are also a factor.


One of the wettest autumn/winters in living memory


‘Beast from East’ that made measurement of KDVI very difficult and 2018 was also the year of the drought.

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