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The Kleffmann Digital Biomass Index, KDBI, (a complex algorithm combining the Normalised Difference vegetation Index (NDVI), the Enhanced Vegetative Index (EVI) and the Leaf Area Index (LAI)) starts with industry standard 10m2 resolution and extrapolates this to a more precise level of 5m2 areas. To ensure reliability whilst at the same time offering flexibility to monitor small areas of sports grass, the smallest area that the enhanced 5m2 resolution can be applied to is a sports turf zone of 1000m2 (or 0.1 Ha).

This makes it very suitable for monitoring fairways and approaches/surrounds. Isolating greens that are less than 1000m2 becomes problematic but it is still possible to map results for greens by including some area of surrounding grass. The key to getting the most value out of the system is to compare readings over time and combine this with your own specialist local knowledge.

Three steps that allow you to explore at your pace

STEP 1: For everyone, simple, free grass health updates into your inbox, no commitment, no hassle

Sign up to receive free no commitment regular satellite reports on sports turf health in your region. This gives an over view of sports grass health in your area. If you are specifically interested to start understanding the health of your own grass choose option 2. below.

STEP 2: For greenkeepers that want to trial satellite precision sports turf on a specific area of their grass

Sign up for a free trial using satellite KDBI biomass measurement to evaluate the health of the sports grass at your club/business. This is a chance to get specific real time data about the grass that you are responsible for. Its a an opportunity to evaluate the service without the need to make a financial commitment.

STEP 3: The main login page for returning customers

Login page for customers and trial users to access their data/maps. This is the place where returning customers can access their maps, KDBI biomass data and application recommendations as required.

Price is based on area surveyed. The basic fee for 100m2 area of turf grass is just 48 pence per year subject to the minimum resolution level of 1000m2. This means that the smallest area that can be purchased is 1000m2@£4.80

Customers can also upload existing SHAPE and other boundary file types as well as incorporate drone images .

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