Benefits of Precision Sports Turf

Precision Grass offers the possibility for golf green keepers to personally monitor the crop vitality of all managed grass areas in detail over time. This is accomplished by utilising satellite data to precision manage the grass on your golf course zone by zone.

Precision Grass means having access to data that enables variable rate inputs of fertiliser, grass seed and crop protection products (herbicides and fungicides) in relation to international scientific grass health metrics. This means adapting higher or lower input levels according to higher or lower grass health conditions on the ground, zone by zone.

Precision management is the future of green keeping

1. Its the right way for you personally as a green keeper…..

Its a tangible way for you demonstrate to everyone exactly what you have achieved in your career as a green keeper.

Every one will be looking over the fence to see what you are doing.

2. Its the right way to protect your clubs’ investment…..

Its an additional management and decision support layer that helps the green keeper stay in control of the details.

Its the new normal for professional grass management

3. Its the right way for the environment…..

Its how the club can embrace environmental stewardship in practical and demonstrable way.

Enables the green keeper to give the grass exactly what it needs at each point and avoids over applying or under applying inputs.

What ever your reason the ultimate aim of satellite precision grass is to achieve three things for the professional sports turf industry:

  1. An improvement in the quality of grass health through the year
  2. Better uniformity across the playing surface
  3. Enabling more positive proactive management decisions

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