We are bringing you two ways to become part of the precision sports turf revolution in 2021

We have teamed up with Research Engine, a specialist market research company focussing in amenity and sports turf research, to bring you an opportunity get into the precision sports turf revolution for your self.

There are two ways you can be a winner:

1: Every person that completes the survey gets a free chance to trial the latest satellite technology on your own golf course. The trial will allow you to examine 20,000m2 of your sports turf using the latest satellite imagery and grass health algorithms for 3 months through the critical spring growing period.

2. In addition to everyone getting a free trial ONE LUCKY PERSON will be the winner of a full 12 months subscription to 6 hectares of satellite mapping sufficient to map an average 9 hole course  – worth £510.

TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THIS UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY CLICK HERE: Find out how take advantage of this free offer

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