Just out – post lock down grass health reports

In the UK we had the wettest February on record earlier this year but this quickly over shadowed by Covid-19 and lockdown. Just released are early indications of the health of golf sports grass at the end of June 2020. The results are courtesy of satellite passes taking readings each week and delivering an enhancedContinue reading “Just out – post lock down grass health reports”

New perspectives on golf grass health

Satellite imaging is an advanced sophisticated tool that can give a precise reading of the many natural features such as clouds and ice and also problematic phenomena such as pollution. One of the beneficial aspects of satellite measurement is in the development of the NDVI metric which measures the health of vegetation, whether natural orContinue reading “New perspectives on golf grass health”

FairWay Awards 2020

FairWay Awards is delivering new insight into grass health on golf courses in Great Britain. The aim is fuel a discussion about grass health and how golf green keepers can use the latest technology as part of the continual drive for improvement. FairWay Awards uses empirical, objective scientific data. Satellite monitoring of grass on golfContinue reading “FairWay Awards 2020”